Capricorn Cars

A prestigious range of rc model cars conceived and built with the same passion you have!!

Each model we produce holds in its DNA the fatigue on race tracks and our love for mechanic. When you will start assembly, one you will immediately notice all details we realised in order to amaze you.

Art, technic and engineering melt together in our “know how” to give you the best!!!

endorsed by Capricorn – Made in Italy

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Capricorn Tires

An exclusive line of tyres. It has been studied by r/c model producers in order to give the best in terms of production of wheel rims and their building materials.

Thanks to our intense development among with the best producers of foam tyres, plastics and rubber and tested by our experienced drivers we can offer you the best grip on each track in every conditions. Give your cars the best tires!!!   CAPRICORN TIRES

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Capricorn Accessories

Innovative and quality accessories that will make pit operation as easy as possible. They are not just tools but mechanical instruments and automations which allow you to reach your goal faster: would it be a simple assembly or model tuning. Studied by the same producer of you model for better racing results.

Call them accessories but you will find them essential!!!!


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Tesla Nitro Power

The best way to complete your nitro powered Capricorn model!!

Choose the best horse from your stable: a wide range of micro engine 2 strokes models differing for displacement, characteristics and tuning in order to fulfil any requirements. Here you can find also our Tesla fuel and exhaust kits.

Tesla Nitro Power the sound of Italian motor heritage!!!

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Tesla Electric Power

Give power to your electric r/c Capricorn model!!!

When we project and realise our models we believe it is essential to provide also the best possible electromechanical components. In this way only the most refined r/c models can have their classy accessories to create an explosion of unbeatable performances.

Tesla Electric Power: the power and its control

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Tesla Tools

Choosing the best racing products means also have the best equipment to assemble any single part of the model. Tools, set up and all the instruments we have on our working position.

A perfect tool bag is what a precise mechanic needs and what other drivers look with a bit of envy.

Tesla Tools: style as working instrument.

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New 2 speed light schaft 6mm diameter

September 20th, 2016|

Available from today new 2 speed light shaft 6mm diameter it fits on Lab C802 1/8 and Arc 8.0 2016 it is lighter than the standard one and reduce vibration on 2 speed pad   [...]


September 19th, 2016|

In 2 weeks we will be in Fiorano for the Capricorn Trophy 2016 a lot of cars and drivers in one of the best track of the world Patrizio Rossi and his team drivers will [...]

Capricorn wins the French Championship

September 15th, 2016|

Capricorn wins the French campionship with a great Arnaud Mathieu in 1/8 scale and with a super Quentin Leroux in 1/10 scale we would like to thanks these drivers for their great results during this season [...]


August 5th, 2016|

  new brass battery plate with different weight - 68gr or 55gr available from today so you can choose between 2 different brass battery plate to increase the weight of your Capricorn car using this [...]