New for the TEO4 touring car is the MDM conversion kit. This conversion moves the layshaft and motor to the middle of the chassis, which neutralizes the weight distribution and balance in the car. With the latest generation bodyshells now providing a lot of steering and downforce, the MDM conversion makes the TEO4 more easy to drive over the full race. Corner speed and flow between corners is also greatly improved. The MDM conversion features equal length front and rear belts, making for a more balanced throttle response on and off power. The new chassis is compatible with standard and short size LiPo batteries, allowing you to experiment with the weight distribution and electric layout in the car to suit your needs. This conversion is recommended for medium to large outdoor and indoor tracks. For drivers who are racing on carpet tracks or high traction asphalt tracks, a new aluminum chassis is also available, which is compatible with the MDM conversion.


ALU VERSION >>>  CAP-29339