Lab E801 is an 1/8 scale electric on road competition kit car. Innovative and unique it represent a modern way of racing with an 1/8 scale car. It is build starting from the consolidate base of her nitro powered sister of which it maintains geometries and transmission but it has been created to have space for a powerful electric engine and battery pack. Mass and weight distribution has been studied to be maintained in a central position along the chassis. This solution allow the Lab E801 to maintain a driving style very similar to the Lab C801 and it has been confirmed during all tests resulting with impressive lap times. Acceleration speed of this model is on top on 1/8 on road category.

Lab E801 has more than 80% similarity with Lab C801 that brings to an easy access to setup and sharing almost all spare parts.

We took a maniacal care to production materials and aesthetic details bringing the car on top of its category.The solutions we adopted for electric parts installation allow the driver to utilize all electric motors and esc on the market easily.

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      Tech feature

      Tech feature