Lab C03 is a nitro powered touring car kit. It is the symbol thanks to which Capricorn entered to R/C competitions. Lab C03 is the natural evolution of a project started 10 years ago and still developing thanks to the daily cooperation of our R&D team in which our engineers, pilots and mechanics spend hours in development and perfectioning.

Lab C03 has been unique and innovative since the beginning as it introduced the new “power train” system. It has been conceived to reduce mass and inertia to give incredible power and acceleration. It has been possible thanks to the attention to each item part of transmission.

We give extreme attention to assembly and maintenance phases in order to give you the possibility to have more secure and less stressing races. Each material, from the Kevlar pulleys to the different plastics, has been choose without the idea of money saving.

Lab C03 it is considered one of the fastest and competitive 1/10 Rc touring and it has become a quality and building example for others.

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