Capricorn Accessories are not simply tools like screw drivers but they are much more. Capricorn accessories are are machine-tools that help you to make difficult or complicate operation by automatic and simply way. Since long time ago Capricorn has made not only model cars but also all accessories thought directly by our engineers. All this means quality, high performance and easy to use.

Capricorn Accessories available:

  • Tyre Machine

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Capricorn Accessories

Tech Specs

Tyre Machine:

  • Alim. 12V with wires included
  • Pre-warm lamps included (10W per lamp)
  • Pre-load system for tyre treatment
  • plastic bag included
  • 4 tires treatment
  • available in base kit without wheel adaptors
  • 1/8 kit available with 1/8 wheels adaptors included
  • 1/10 kit available with 1/10 wheels adaptors included
  • 1/10 Pan Cars adaptors available

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Tyre Machine

Tyre Machine – front view

Tyre Machine – rear view

Tyre Machine – wires

Tyre Machine – upper view

1/10 Tire Machine

Tyre Machine Kit

Pan Car adaptors